Monday, 3 June 2013

We love networking! Come & join us at our first Sponsored networking event.

For those of you that know us, you will know that we love networking and whenever possible, promote and use the services and trades of local businesses, as well as referring them to others.
We firmly support Buy Local and are long standing members of The BestOf Torfaen & The BestOf Newport networking groups.

Networking gives you the opportunity to really get to know business people and their businesses and helps to build trust and confidence in those businesses. We personally have been using the services of fellow networkers whenever possible, who we have got to know through our networking meetings.
Lily White is no different! We always look at sourcing from and using the services of local businesses and will be networking wherever and whenever possible.

You may well ask why are we writing a blog about networking while promoting a new business? Well the answer is very simple, both go hand in hand and one of the network groups we are proud to be members of, The Dragons of Newport Business Group, are having an open networking event on Wednesday 12th of June, a week Wednesday, in the Bisley stand of Rodney Parade, Newport -
and we are proudly sponsoring it!
The event will be a great opportunity for you to network for FREE and meet many other local businesses, there were over 100 at the last event! They even supply you with a bacon roll and drinks so why not come along, say hello and join in the biggest and best FREE networking event in South Wales.
More information can be found on the Dragons website HERE.

So if like us, you love your networking, book yourself in to the Dragons event on the link above and come along a week Wednesday (12th June) and network with us and many other businesses.
See you there!

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