Saturday, 20 July 2013

Rebecca Davies - ICSF World Championships, Adelaide, Australia in November 2013

Hello and welcome to the Lily White Blog. This is a special Blog as it's not about us at all or our services, but it's to ask for your assistance in supporting a very special local lady, Rebecca Davies, and integral part of Newport Cycle Speedway and a fantastic local sports lady.

Our Sister company, Dig It Landscapes are very proud to be the main First team’s sponsors of Newport Cycle Speedway and have supported and sponsored them for the last few years.

This season Newport is on a roll and we are very proud to see such great racing in the Dig It landscapes tops.
This is a hard and fast sport, the guys seam fearless as they race around the track at great speed on peddle power, but something many people don’t know is this is a sport for everyone, boys and girls, men and women and a lot of the time they race against each other.
Last Sunday was just one of these times and a young girl who was part of the day, Rebecca Davies needs our help.
Her name is Rebecca Davies and has been selected to go to the ICSF World Championships, Adelaide, Australia in November this year.

Rebecca started cycle speedway racing when she was 5 years old following her brother into the sport. Her whole family are connected in one way or another with the sport, at the meets you will find her father at the tapes, in the pits, whatever needs doing he’s there helping out. Her mother is the catering manager so when you buy a cup of tea and it’s her who will serve you.

Rebecca will be 18 this Saturday and she loves the sport, most girls her age drops out before now.

  • So far she has won the women's Welsh championship three years in a row. 
  • She the 1st girl in Wales to be picked to race for Wales 
  • And she raced last weekend and came 3rd in the Internationals. 
  • She will be racing for GB team in the ICSF World Championships, Adelaide, Australia in November 2013
Rebecca also has sport related asthma, so you can only imagine how proud her family are that she has done so much with the sport, in hot weather, she has to use an inhaler before, sometimes during, and after every race.  

Rebecca is working as a trainee hairdresser and with the help of her family she has managed to save some money towards this trip but as fallen short by £1,000.00, it’s a lot of money and in these hard times she has found it hard to get any business to help.
So we are asking if any of you local businesses or people can help sponsor her, she needs the money to pay for flight, accommodation, transport while in Australia for three and a half weeks representing her and our country. A few £'s donation will really help and you donate now by clicking the Paypal Donate button below.

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